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100 Lake St. Cambridge MD 21613 Phone :(410)-228-3222 Fax :(410)-228-3313 ROOFING WARRANTY CERTIFICATE WARRANTY ISSUE DATE WARRANTY CERTIFICATE NO. 10/20/2020 00001 OWNER/BUYER
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Recently we experienced a hail storm and my insurance companyof my insurance company briefing agreed to pay ten thousand dollars to replace it. A roofing contractor gave me an estimate eight thousand dollars. Does that mean I just saved $2,000? Actually the way insurance claims are paid today in the State of Texas is like this. The insurance company, not some roofer, is going to determine the amount of the damages on that loss. and most of them use a process of doing physical inspection. Some carriers want to see 4 or 8 hits per 10 foot by 10 foot test square, on all four sides of the roof or two sides if it's a regular gable roof and once they establish damage some of them may want to see more. ten to twelve hits, it really can depend on different factors how old the roof is Different carriers might have different criteria, but once they establish that there's damage they will create their own estimate. and many of you software called Exactimate Some use their own variation of that it basically breaks down what the current labor and material prices are for a particular market and it's upgraded monthly. So, insurance companies are not arbitrarily assigning a dollar amount. They'll break it out. They'll itemize out how many squares One thing that confused a lot of people when they look at an adjusters report is they'll see X amount of squares taken off and different value, a higher amount on the going back on. And that's because there is a waste factor with roofing anytime you get to a valley or a hip you're going to cut some material and throw it away. and so, just like a tile job you're going to need to buy more material than what you tore off to get it finished right. Once they establish this amount they will send you their adjuster's report. In a hypothetical situation say it's a $10,000 total loss on the roof. Well, in the old days if you had a $2,000 deductible, Let's say a $200,000 home with a 1% deductible would mean you have a $2,000 deductible... and let's say it's a $10,000 roof Well in the old days they would give you $8,000 and say, "here you go... have a nice day." and then what would you do? go get a bunch of bids, shop, try to find someone you could trust...and then. if you could get it done for less than $10,000 then you save some money on your deductible. In fact, if you found somebody who could do it for $8,000 and you were confident that they were competent then hey you might have saved your entire deductible. Several years back the State of texas basically the legislature came to an agreement with the insurance industry and started a process called "Recoverable Depreciation" on these replacement cost coverage policies replacement cost coverage policies is what 99% of the people that live in their own home and have a mortgage on it have. It basically pays for the full replacement as opposed to an actual cash value policy which you might see in a tennant dwelling uh... or or something with...
What is roofing warranty certificate?
This roofing warranty certificate template can be used by a roofing contractor to set a roof workmanship warranty as well as a roofing materials warranty for that installation. ... The client must make routine roof inspections to keep track of if any roof repair must be done during the warranty coverage.